Bas van Turnhout

Software Developer

About Me

I'm a 23 year old software developer. Started hacking my iPhones eight years ago which inspired me to become a programmer. I love security research and working together with devs all around the world. My mission when programming is to deliver people a piece of actually useful software.



App developer

I have been working on a in-house app for scanning contracts and auto-uploading them to the server. Besides that I helped develop a mobile strategic game for a client. At last I looked into a dashboard application with a back-end written in C++ which wasn't feasible in the end.

Protee United


This was my first internhip for my Application & media developer education. I've been working on rewriting their score-view-system for their golf simulator. Besides that I worked on a C# based interface application gathering all the player information for their upcoming shooter-game.



Been repairing iPhones & Macbooks for half a year as a gap year after high school graduation at a refurbished Apple store. You learn a lot about the hardware parts this way which gives you some nice insights at what makes the devices you run the software on tick. It also gives you some benefits when something happens to your own devices later on.



Radius College

2017 - 2020

Application & media developer


Avans Hogeschool

2021 - 2025

Bachelor of Informatica

  • Codecadamy
  • ListUrMovies
  • Inkubis Contract App
  • Inkubis Contract API
  • Projects



    FilzaEscaped is an app based on Filza file manager. A file manager by TIGI Software which supports every filetype you can think of. FilzaEscaped adds the possibilty for root access without a jailbreak. Modifying every file on your iPhone filesystem without extra tools. While working on this I also helped TIGI Software update the original Filza together with @jakeashacks. FilzaEscaped is still being maintained and receiving updates to date.

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    64bit iOS SSH Ramdisks

    I'm currently working on SSH ramdisks for 64bit iPhones. This allows you to SSH into your iPhone before it's actually booted.

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    Icon theming without jailbreak

    This will allow you to theme your app icons and maybe more without requiring to install any extra tools like a jailbreak which often isn't possible on the latest iOS.

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